Umut Productıons

Student Seduction / Lifetime movie

Great story with many twists and turns

1 May 2004 | by bppihl (Normal, Illinois)

" I saw "Student Seduction" on Lifetime this evening for the first time, and I enjoyed it very much. I felt Elizabeth Berkeley was great as the chemistry teacher, and Corey Sevier did a nice job as Josh. I tried to put myself in the teacher's position, and think how I would react to such false allegations that the student was in fact guilty of performing. This would not be easy, especially for a first-year teacher dealing with a wealthy student. I was pleased when other students came forward in the teacher's defense, because she did not deserve to be assaulted by someone whom she was trying to help succeed but who misinterpreted her intentions.

This is a story that could take place in real life. I think it sends a message to teachers and school faculty to be careful in your interactions with your students, and avoid being alone with them whenever possible. Also, stand up for your rights! Do this no matter what profession you are in, and have supporting evidence and sources. Great movie! "

About the documentary:

 The oriental belly dance is a form of art which tells the story of birth. This dance is not only a demonstration of the happiness felt at the emergence of a new life, but also works as a beneficial therapy on woman’s psychology. And now, one Turkish woman filmmaker wants to share her witnessing to this magic with the world. Filmmaker Umut lives in Istanbul and has been aware of the oriental belly dancing since her childhood because this dance is part of her culture. But what she did not know was the deep philosophy behind it. Once she starts to learn about it, she discovers that there’s more than a touristic attraction in it. She interviews with oriental belly dancers, professors and psychiatrists regarding oriental belly dance. Through her research on this dance's history and cultural effects she finds out that some belly dancing teaching classes turn out to be therapy centers for the women who has problems such as depression, eating disorders, rape or sexual abuse etc. This emotional recovery is method of maintaining well and can help to get over the issues of having a woman’s body. She puts up a test class together to document the psychological effects of the dance. Three women, including herself, begin to take belly dancing lessons through their depressed periods. Umut wants to share her discovery and great experience on this magnificent form of dance.