Istanbul based

Umut Productions is a creative and boutique production company with a focus on

TV, Film and Theatre Productions as well as media communications consultation.

Established by Umut Egitimci, a Turkish national with her signature on many successful projects in the industry, Umut Productions aims to create bridges among cultures. From working as a writer, producer, director to performing stand up shows, Umut has worked in different branches of media (print and digital journalism) in Turkey and USA as well as offered professional public relations & media communications services for individuals and corporate offices worldwide.

Umut Productıons

Some of her experiences include;
Hosting radio & TV shows (Capitol FM, Kiss FM, Channel E, Channel 6, Channel TGRT, TRT Avaz),
Working as a journalist for newspapers and magazines (Barometre, Turkish Voice, Meggazin, Elele, Orsiad, Parke, Halı, Olive Oil Times, Floor, Baz Magazin), Producing for TV (TGRT, Channel 6, Current TV, Lifetime TV), Producing for theatre (Off-off Broadway shows, 15th Istanbul International Theatre Festival), Producing & Directing documentaries (The Magical Call of Oryantal, Personal Documentaries), Working as a public relations and media communications specialist (Deniz Music Company, TANSA jewelry, Reader’s Digest Turkey, Örge Tulga Jewelry, Cultured World, GET Publications, Stober, Poltavets & Associates), Producing & Directing TV commercials (Sindy Skater, Sindy Megabag), working as a video journalist (Southeast Europe Project Culture&Arts, Current TV) & Performing stand up shows.